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ISBN. 9-7193-0131-2. A: The method is done as follows: Convert the dimension in the Imperial system into the Metric system. If the dimension is a larger number in the Imperial system then it's meters is divide by 10. The result is the smaller number in the Metric system. You can check the dimension using the property Measure in Numerical. For example, "4.5 x 4.5 = 20". Q: Eclipse and Maven: can Maven build result set into workspace project files Using Eclipse and Maven I've been doing some TDD lately. The problem is that, having run tests in my main project, if I "Run as... Maven install", the tests and code from my test projects (that are part of the same solution) are automatically copied into the main project, even if they were run from different Eclipse projects. I.e. having the main project like this: /src/main/java/mycompany/mypackage/ /src/test/java/mycompany/mypackage/ the end result looks like this: The only way I can get it to work is to go into my main project and manually delete the test-results. I could "Run as... Maven install" for each test project, but it would be easier if they were automatically copied into the project's workspace. Does anybody know how to do that? Is it possible? The maven-install plugin does that - it copies your test classes to the target directory. Just create a plugin configuration that invokes this goal. maven-install-plugin 2.4

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